Labour Protection

Be safe!

Your business success is related to your and your employees’ safety at work!

Our services include:

  • Providing expert advice on occupational health and safety matters
  • Setting the duties and responsibilities of the employees through the job description, in terms of occupational health and safety, in accordance with their position
  • Developing internal instructions for the completion and / or implementation of occupational health and safety rules, taking into account the particularities of activities and jobs within the company
  • Informing each person before employment, on the risks it is exposed at his/her work place and on the preventive and protective measures required, by the general induction training
  • Tracking the permanent and accurate operation of the protection systems and devices, of the measurement and control equipment and of the facilities used to capture, contain and neutralize the harmful substances released during technological processes
  • Evidence of high- and specific-risk areas
  • Submission of documents and provisions of information required by the labour inspectors during inspections or events investigations
  • Taking the measures instructed by the labour inspectors during inspections or events investigations
  • Checking staff training and knowledge in occupational health and safety issues, through all forms of training
  • Participation in occupational accidents investigations and their record
  • Development of a list of the personal protective and work equipment provided to the personnel, participation in the reception of collective means of protection and technical equipment before their commissioning
  • Collaboration with the occupational medicine department for drafting the occupational health and safety program