Emergencies (PSI) (Fire-fighting)

Our services include:

  • Consultancy, professional assistance and representation for Emergencies during the contract
  • Provision of written documents, by specialties, required for the training of your employees
  • Conducting the general induction briefing in accordance with the subject, written examination of the participating personnel and recording their results in the individual training files for emergencies
  • Representation and advice in relation to the regulatory bodies for emergency-related inspections, without direct involvement in the conclusion of inspection documents
  • Preparation of the annual training plan and themes
  • Verification and inspection of the emergency activities (regular training, compliance with the specific legislation in force), technical equipment operating conditions, endowment with fire-fighting equipment). Inspections are conducted only in the presence of a representative of the company
  • Annual verification and testing of the managers knowledge in terms of emergencies
  • Provision of advice and specialized assistance regarding the emergency clauses, for the conclusion of contracts with third parties
  • Provision of advice and specialized assistance for the elaboration of the escape plan in case of emergency, establishment of the fire-fighting teams structure, endowment with fire protection means, preparation of emergency plans, of the response capacity testing program and of action / test reports for potential emergencies within the company
  • Counselling regarding the composition of the internal budget required for the fire-fighting organization, fire-fighting technical means and for specific safety equipment
  • Counselling for the development and implementation of the fire-fighting concept at economic operator level
  • Prompt information when the relevant legislation is amended and / or completed